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Specialist terms

  • Bearing bars/cross bars

    Bearing bars/cross bars

    Bearing bars carry the load. Cross bars are pressed and/or welded to the bearing bars. They function to distribute a proportion of the load and give stability. The frame surrounds the bar structure.

  • Mesh width/mesh distance

    Mesh width/mesh distance

    Mesh width is the span between the bars, mesh distance is the distance from bar centre to bar centre.

  • Non-slip grating

    Non-slip grating

    Non-slip grating has special recesses on the upper edge of the bearing and/or cross bars.

  • Non-slip front edge

    Non-slip front edge

    To prevent slipping and increase the load bearing capacity holed, specially formed angle profiles are welded to the steps.

  • Side plates

    Side plates

    Steps made of grating with welded non-slip front edges and holed side plates.

  • Span length/span

    Span length/span

    Span length is the measurement from centre to centre of the support in bear bar direction. The span is the distance between two supports.

  • Grating support

    Grating support

    The planned length of the support should be at least 30mm, and in operation at least 25mm. Deviations are permitted, if they prevent the grates from moving.

  • Sub-construction


    The sub-construction is the component the gratings are attached to.

  • Raising


    To create an aligned link between the upper edge of the grating and the floor level, a raising component (image left) is manufactured or the grating is tapered (image right).

  • Skirting board

    Skirting board

    The skirting board is welded on and increases safety when walking.

  • Sections


    Sections are the parts and sections of the gratings. Framing of the sections with flat materials.