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Installation plans & site measuring

Drawing up an installation plan for gratings

Simple square gratings don’t do it for most cases
Even on the miniaturised installation plan you can see that in many cases a precise plan for the surface design of gratings is a good idea. It is particularly important to cover the surface with standard gratings as far as possible – it saves you time and money. As soon as breaks must be made or there are difficult wall connections with odd drainpipes, the standard measurements need to be altered to a custom design.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an area on the ground, the wall or the ceiling that you want to fit with gratings – our layouts match perfectly. Regardless of what material and which design you need for your gratings.

We specialise in this area – we deliver “your” customised gratings just as quickly as the standard measurements. And all in the top quality from Helling & Neuhaus gratings.

We manufacture to your exact specifications – talk to us.

Site measuring for gratings

The beginning of success – an example of a project plan
Before we can draw up a layout for your project, the area needs to be measured precisely. That is easier said than done – complex mountings and bases need to be incorporated into the plan, just as complicated cuttings and cut-outs of the actual gratings.

We are the right partner for you from the start. Years of experience with various projects and the most difficult requirements have turned us into real specialists for gratings. What we measure fits! That’s a guarantee.

We manufacture to your exact specifications – talk to us.