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Stainless steel gratings

If specific design accents or safety aspects must be met: stainless steel gratings.

We utilise stainless steel materials and manufacture custom-made gratings such as stairs from them.

Whether trim cuts or sections, height adjustable, with angular frames, non-slip or smooth, all variations are possible. Neuhaus stainless steel gratings are available in the standard version with flat edging or also with your requested profile.

There are two options which can be chosen for surface treatment: stained as standard or electrolytic polishing with an excellent resistance to aggressive mediums. In addition, the electrolytic polished surface is of particular architectural visual appeal.

Areas of application

In industrial kitchens, in the food industry, the chemical industry, laboratories, hospitals, swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, breweries and dairies.

Resistance against

  • Effect of foodstuffs
  • Organic acids in standard concentrations
  • Nitric acid
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Alkaline concentrations
  • Sulphuric acid in cold concentration
  • Potash

Stainless steel gratings are manufactured in the same designs and measurements as the hot dip galvanised gratings.