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Grating attachment

Gratings should fundamentally be secured against displacement. It is recommended to secure the grates at least at 4 corners. In this way, they will not just be secured against displacement but in addition they will also be secured against lifting up. The grating should be attached straight away once they have been laid. The most common fastening materials are depicted and described here.

Types of grating attachments

Standard attachments, which are also deliverable as safety attachments are used to easily secure gratings to prevent slipping and lifting.

Double holding bracket for various mesh widths to joint two gratings. This prevents trip hazards.

Socket spanner locks for later installation.

Socket spanner locks, welded on. For easy locking and unlocking, e.g. for emergency exits. At the same time the lock prevents unauthorised lifting of the grating.

Hook mounting for example for angle profiling. The hook mounting is delivered in the required measurements.

Hook mounting for grating which is on vertical support with bottom flange (e.g. square pipes).

Safety chain in various lengths to secure grating, e.g. used for cellar air shafts.

Hinges e.g. joined with an angular frame for gratings with release facility. Special use for emergency exits in connection with a socket spanner lock.