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GFK gratings

GFK gratings lose neither shape nor colour.

Glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFK) gratings combine the structural advantages of grating with the specific physical properties of fibre glass.

These gratings are made of high-quality fibre reinforced plastic and are cost-effective in comparison to other similar materials. The material has a high elongation at break and a very good corrosion performance. This means that the gratings can be employed in very difficult environments.

GFK gratings offer significant benefits:

  • No corrosion or contact corrosion
  • High resistance to chemicals and weather
  • 100% UV resistant
  • Extreme strength (passable, bridging of greater spans)
  • Rapid, low-cost assembly
  • No maintenance costs
  • GFK gratings are extremely durable
  • Fire resistant (with phenolic resin)
  • Non-slip up to R 13 available
  • Delivery in a large number of RAL colours
  • Non-conducting, thermally insulating, impact resistant, tough, reliable
  • Temperature resistance from 100°C to +130°C

Companies in industry and business value quality grating.

Research laboratories, galvanisation, surface finishing, pickling shops, petrochemicals, refineries, paper, pulp, textile and staple fibre industries, water and electricity plants, sewage plants, ship building, transportation, garages, sport centres, indoor swimming pools, road engineering, breweries, dairies, food manufacturers etc.