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Window shade gratings

Window shade gratings or slat gratings function as screens, brise soleils and also as an element of the building and façade design.

Window shade gratings Zurich, Switzerland

Near Zurich, Switzerland, window shade gratings with slanting bars were used as screens. Aside from their functionality, these slat gratings are a highlight of the façade design.

Coloured window shade gratings

The window shade gratings for the Swiss residential and commercial complex were given a colourful coating after hot dip galvanizing. This way, an additional creative accent was gained.

Window shade gratings which open

As well as the screening function of the special grating, these fixed window shades actually open to allow the panes beneath them to be cleaned.

Window shade gratings as screens

Using window shade gratings as grating screens. By arranging the slanting bars, a good screen can be made which still lets in enough sunlight.

Opaque window shade gratings Saturn

Gratings with slanting, overlapping slats guarantee an opaque appearance. A specially developed attachment technique enables gratings to be attached from the exterior.