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Steel stairs

Steel stairs made from stair treads are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The stair treads impress with their sturdy construction which isn’t just extremely resilient but also easy to clean and weather resistant.

Steel treads for the terraces The Hague Stadium

Thousands of staircase treads and several hundred square meters of gratings for the stands and steel stairs were custom-made by Helling & Neuhaus for The Hague Stadium.

Spiral stairs

Steel spiral stairs made from steel treads are often used as fire escape stairs and emergency stairs. Custom-made grating landings precise down to the millimetre often form footbridges to the building.

Steel stairs The Hague stadium

Crowds of football fans use these steel stairs made from gratings in The Hague Stadium. The stair treads in HighSolid quality as well as the stair boundaries are made from Helling & Neuhaus Gratings products.

Emergency exit stairs

Broad steps with special requirements with regard to passability, load and meshing are manufactured in HighSolid quality, to enable safe evacuation in emergencies.