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Industrial/Grating fences

Industrial fences

A solid industrial fence reliably protects plants and company grounds against trespassers. Gratings can be custom-made for individual industrial fences.

Industrial fence from custom-made gratings

Gratings are often used as industrial fences. Using the identical look of the gratings in various sizes there is a multitude of stylish options for industrial fences.

Industrial fence in England

This industrial fence forms a secure perimeter around an industrial plant in England.

Property protection

Even as an industrial fence to a neighbour, the grating meets its purpose and provides sturdy protection to property.

Protection of larger areas

Entire warehouses and carparks can be secured with industrial fences.

Grating fences

Grating fences made from high-quality gratings are sturdy, weather-resistant, low-maintenance and protects the grounds from being entered by trespassers. Moreover, grating fences are good industrial fences.

Grating fences Hamburg, St. Pauli

A grating fence in Hamburg, St. Pauli, which is not only sturdy and resilient, it also looks good. In this grating fence, the gratings are welded in.

Custom-made grating fences

Another example of the use of gratings as elegant grating fences.