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Galvanized gratings

Gratings are galvanized so that their resistant properties can be used in many areas. Hot dip galvanizing is an established and altogether modern anti corrosion procedure.

To ensure that our gratings can be used for a long time and to prevent maintenance and servicing, the gratings are given a protective zinc cover. Helling & Neuhaus’s gratings are galvanized with a very high quality in our own galvanizing plant according to DIN ISO 1461. Using an additional coat of Zinklar, our gratings shine with an aesthetic zinc surface without white rust stains, streaks or efflorescence. Thanks to the dipping method we use, the Zinklar lies uniformly and protects the grating.

By galvanizing in-house we can guarantee a uniform quality and a quick delivery time.

Galvanized gratings

Galvanized gratings are resistant and durable.