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Façade gratings

Façade gratings are available in various designs and are designed to suit the individual façade and meet the building’s requirements.

A grid façade is not just sturdy and long-lasting but it also fulfils other functions. Helling & Neuhaus make façade gratings which can be opaque despite their breezy construction.

In addition, gratings on façades contribute as a creative element to the individual design of the building or, in the form of guardrails, serve as fall protection. Despite light and air permeability, special gratings on the façades can even act as effective brise soleils.

Façade grating car park, Dresden

Façade made from gratings on a car park in Dresden on Magdeburger Straße.

Façade grating Beiersdorf car park, Hamburg

Cladding made from gratings on Beiersdorf car park in Hamburg.

Façade grating BMW car park, Munich

Façade made from gratings on a car park at a BMW plant. The gratings on the plant grounds are designed as an opaque grid façade. Without technical assistance it is not possible to see the plant grounds through the façade gratings.

Historical and Modern

The gratings utilised in the Bunkeratelier in Frankfurt meet aesthetic requirements as well as providing practical use. Manufactured in HighSolid quality, the gratings have an unusual appearance, and simultaneously function as railings and a safety barrier for the surrounding balcony.