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Brise soleils

Brise soleils have various applications and can fulfil functions other than protecting against solar radiation, such as protecting underlying glass elements or they can act as floor grates at the same time which can be used as walkways.

Brise soleils Berlin State Library

At the Berlin State Library gratings act as brise soleils and protect the glass roof which is underneath.

Brise soleils as walkways

As well as being a walkway these gratings act as a brise soleil.

Brise soleils as floor grates

The roof of the Berlin State Library above the glazed cube reading rooms is another one of Helling & Neuhaus’s brise soleil projects. A special construction makes it possible to fold the gratings to clean the glass façade below.

Brise soleils on cantilevers

Brise soleils on cantilevers protect against direct exposure to light when the sun is high in the sky.