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Superior quality

Helling & Neuhaus Steel Gratings: Diverse, individual, and resilient.

  • Up to 50% greater resilience of the HighSolid gratings in comparison to other materials
  • Guaranteed short delivery times all year
  • Specialist for custom-made and special products
  • Quality-tested gratings in accordance with RAL-GZ 638
  • Superior galvanising and passivation against white rust possible

The material factors of our HighSolid steel gratings are characterised by the properties of the materials used and their processing. We only use quality steel which has been selected for its high resilience. Its perfect technological manufacture is undertaken by highly skilled employees using modern computer-operated systems. We subsequently hot dip galvanise the steel gratings to give them the best possible protection from corrosion.

The immaterial benefits of Neuhaus HighSolid steel gratings are first and foremost our speed which is known throughout the industry, absolute adherence to delivery dates and reliability. This applies throughout the year. The spectrum of our service strengths is complemented by our experience and expertise in the realisation of special formats. Our clients know how dedicated we are to transforming our consultancy services into customer benefit. Naturally, this includes support in the fields of construction and installation.

Our company was founded in 1935 and is today a member of the Seppeler Group which operates across Europe. The group philosophy is characterised by the fact that every employee excels with their pronounced customer and thus service-oriented thinking and actions.

HSQ-Quality. Custom-made, individual and rapid manufacture!

Helling & Neuhaus’s HighSolid steel gratings are characterised by high resilience, durability and quality.

Thanks to quality materials – steel, aluminium, stainless steel and glass-fibre reinforced plastics, the know-how of our skilled staff, our year-long experience and our modern computer-operated systems, our steel gratings meet the requirements of any area of application and purposes.

Our service includes more than just the product. Profit from our expert design advice. We give in-depth advice on the individual design of your projects and the selection of the most suitable materials and profiles. We subsequently conceive installation plans and calculate loads.

After the development phase we assist in the execution. Our strengths which are speed, absolute adherence to delivery dates and reliability complement our offer. Custom-made special products for specific requirements, pressed lock gratings or grating steps can be delivered thanks to our flexibility on short notice.

Contact us and test our services and rest assured….
…we make it work!

Systematic quality assurance

  • The Trade Association of Industrial Management have approved the slip resistance of the special Neuhaus quality anti-slip gratings.
  • Our range is also available in stainless steel upon request.
  • All of the materials and processes used such as the welding and hot dip galvanizing meet the respective DIN standards.