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Neuhaus HighSolid Pressed Gratings

The construction of pressed gratings.

Cross bars are pressed into the slots of the bearing bars under high pressure.
The slots are tapered in the middle, which ensures a firm, buckle-resistant grating. Even cuts have pratically no effect on the rigidity of the grating.


Manufactured sizes.

Gratings are produced in any desired size and strength. Gratings with unusually large formats are not a problem for us.  

Binding bars.

Neuhaus HighSolid gratings have a border edging in a U-profile. This edging increases buckle resistance and is deployed in 20 x 2 mm to 60 x 3 mm dimensions.

Gratings with other border edgings can be produced according to your specifications on request.


Product dimensions.

Bearing bar dimensions range from 20 x 2 mm to 130 x 5 mm. Any length
and width of the gratings can be chosen.
Please contact us for more information.


Full press gratings.

Gratings in which the bearing bars and the support bars have the same height are called full-press gratings. This is mostly used as a decorative design element, e.g. as a ceiling, railing infills or sun screen. A large range of full press mesh spacing and bar heights is available on request.

Quality standards.

Neuhaus HighSolid gratings are produced from material which provides a tensile strength of 54 –70 kN/cm2. As a result, our gratings are stronger than normal grating products. Thus enabling us to give our customers the most cost-effective solution to an application. Our manufacturing techniques which incorporate the latest automated processes, guarantee a high degree of safety and quality.

Degree of bending tension comparing HighSolid gratings and gratings St 37.
Example: 800 x 1,000 mm, carrying bar 30/2 mm, width of mesh 31 x 31 mm.